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Let's be serious for a minute, ready?  If you get excited by bicycle pumps, especially travel bicycle pumps, you probably need therapy.  If you're reading this, knowing full well that its about a bicycle pump, you should really stop now and call to schedule a session.  Don't worry, I'll wait right here for you...  Back already, did you even call?

I'm fortunate enough to get to travel a fair amount to duathlons around the nation (and globe).  This necessitates having a carrying case for the bike and a small collection of the necessary tools for assembly and disassembly of your bike.  Tools are a funny thing, they are small and expensive except for one in particular, a pump!  It's big and if you want a good one, expensive!  Traveling with tools that fit in a case to travel via air necessitates the consideration of size and weight.  This fact led me down the rabbit hole of searching for a high quality, small, traditional pump for air travel.  The air travel piece is important as it excludes the ability to use CO2 canisters.  Well, that's a qualified statement.  Let's instead say I'm sure TSA has a rather large collection of unknowing athletes CO2 canisters... Oh and I suppose you could use a frame pump but have you ever tried one?  Try pumping your tires up with one before your "A" event and you'll be exhausted before your event even starts!  For me, the only solution is a traditional floor pump that has been optimized for travel!  Enter the Lezyne CNC Travel Drive floor pump.
As you can see when compared to my bike, the Lezyne is a little fella.  It packs easily into my Pica Packworks EEP road case, nestling comfortably in with my wheels.  According to my handy scale it weighs 1.8 lb so in the big picture, it doesn't add too much weight.  Retail price is $99.99, a fair chunk of change considering that it's a tool you probably are not going to be using on a daily basis!

So, what makes this thing special enough to spend $100 of your hard earned dollars on?  First impression when you pull this pump out of its carrying case (yes it comes with its own nylon carrying case) is one of general quality.  Though it's only 1.8 pounds, it has a heft that belies its compact dimensions.  This no doubt is from its all aluminum construction.  No worries about the airlines breaking this bad boy.

Next are the little details.  Lezyne claims the construction of this pump to be CNC'd which left me wondering "does it matter"?  Well, I didn't totally geek out and pull the pump apart to measure the concentricity of the bore, nor measure the diameter of the leather washer.  It's a pump and honestly I didn't have the time or motivation to do that.  Instead, I looked at the beautiful detail of the foot rest.  No foot slipping off this baby. Though it's not expressed in these photos, Lezyne didn't stop at CNC construction, they then went the extra step to provide (their words) "Durable, anodized high-polish finish with a compact 1.5 inch gauge". 

Oh and that gauge. You know us boys like to embellish a bit about size...  But this is the best 1.5" I've ever had the pleasure of using!  No, really it's great!  My old eyes aren't what they used to be yet this gauge didn't leave me squinting to see what pressure it was displaying.  Even better, the pressure displayed exactly matched the pressure that my Topeak Smartgauge digital gauge measured!  I'll keep an eye on this but if it remains consistent then I won't need to carry my digital gauge!  Yeah, one less tool to carry!

So, enough babbling, how does it work?  Well, like a pump should!  The chuck is perfect being replaceable and of the screw on variety.  Open your presta valve (I didn't try the schrader valve function), screw the chuck on  and pump!  Speaking of pumping, the action was smooth as it should be on a $100 pump.  When I travel, I deflate my tires down to about 40 psi and getting my 25c tires up to about 85 psi took less than 15 strokes!  What's more, this particular model has been optimized for high pressure applications so the force it took to depress the pump at 40 psi felt similar to the force at 85!  Lezyne claims that this pump is good up to 160 psi, which unless you're a track rider, mortals will never see!  Wait, you only ride gravel and dirt?  No fear, Lezyne makes low pressure high volume models! 

So I've already rambled far to long about a pump (yes I made an appointment so you're not alone) and I haven't even gotten into the details of the versatility of the chuck.  Don't worry, I won't bore you with the details that only a true pump aficionado could appreciate, like the fact it comes with a "crack pipe" for pumping up your disk wheel.  Wait, I said I wasn't going there...  I got excited.  Anyway, if you have questions about this bad boy, let me know!  I'll end this little write up by saying that for me, this was a well spent $100.

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 What does that new bike REALLY cost?
So you did it… You’ve waded through 8 manufactures websites, weighed all your options and finally pulled the trigger on a brand spanking new bike! You even kept within your $4000 budget by one whole dollar!  $3999, what a deal!  Oh, and $99 for freight.  Don’t forget sales tax either, $4492.17 total out the door.  Suddenly, you realize you are beyond your budget…. By almost $500.  And there’s still money you HAVE to spend to make that new purchase “just right”.  Let’s take a quick look, shall we?
Ok, first things first.  You’re going to need to pedal this thing, right?  Oh, well most new bikes don’t come with pedals so we are up against a wall…. Pedals…. Road clipless… Seeing that we are so far over budget already we concede that we don’t need the best pedals.  How about a set of Shimano 105 (PD-R7000).  Well, if you decide to order quick and easy on Amazon you’re going to be out 126.30.  Damn.
Ok, ok, don’t be a cheapskate, move on.  Now, we’ve got to make this thing fit us.  Fortunately, being incredible researchers, our new bike fits us really well.  It comes with the correct length stem and with correct width bars.   Just one small problem with the fit though… That size small frame comes with 172.5 Shimano Ultegra cranks and you normally run 165’s.  No big deal, how much can a crankset cost anyway???  Amazon to the rescue!!!  Wait, $276…. This is getting expensive now.
But wait, there’s more!!!  Seeing that you are the princess and the pea, you can’t possibly ride with that stock seat, can you?  I mean the Fizik Mistica only adds another $157 to the bill.  And you’re a$$ is worth it, right?
So now we have close to that perfect bike!  Woohoo!  Let’s get it out for a ride!  Well, hold on a second.  You haven’t ridden a bike with tubes in the tires in several years and don’t have spare tubes in the house.  Oh, it came with tubeless compatible wheels so let’s just make this change straight up!!!  So let’s see, the tires that came on it aren’t tubeless compatible so we need those… They wheels are taped but we need valves and sealant…. OK, a set of Conti GP 5000TL, a bottle of orange seals and some valves totals up to another $125 on sale!!!  Boom! 
Now you’re ready.  Let’s just total these parts up:
Pedals:             $126.30
Crankset:         $276.00
Seat:                $157.00
Wheel conv:    $125.00
Total:              $684.30
So your real price becomes:  $5176.47, a 23% increase over the price you budgeted for!!!  So what’s the take home here.  Well, sometimes buying a handmade bike built and spec’d exactly for you is no more expensive than buying a big name brand bike and “making it the way you want it”!

<![CDATA[Autism Bike]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2020 12:35:49 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/autism-bikeLast week a really special bike went out the door of Ferretti Cycles.  Somewhere in March or April, Dave contacted me inquiring about a custom road bike as somewhat of a retirement present for himself.  He wasn't really sure about what exactly he wanted but we talked it through and narrowed it down to a disc brake, thru axle road bike.  Nothing at all out of my wheel house.  We spoke briefly about the paint jobs that come with the bike and I told Dave to be thinking about paint as it's one of the most difficult parts of the bike to decide on and I'd be in touch when the time for paint came.

Well, Fast forward to the end of June and the call went out to Dave to see what he wanted for paint.  He requested "Black and oh, my grandson has Autism so if I give you an Autism Awareness sticker can you put it on the bike for.me"?  I have got to admit, I waffled...  I really didn't want to put a sticker on the bike then clear coat it.  Enter negotiation mode!!!  I suggested that he send me an image of the sticker and I'd paint it on.  He quickly pulled up an Autism Awareness sticker on his phone to show me saying "something like this, you know just so people will see it and maybe start a conversation about it".  Ok, now my mind is racing...  "Ok Dave-  Do you trust me to come up with something special for you"?  He agreed, just make the bike a conversation started about Autism.

This is what I came up with!  I hope you all love it as much as Dave and I do!!!  Leave a comment!

A future post will happen with a bit more info about the components behind this awesome bike!
<![CDATA[What Are You Riding?]]>Mon, 17 Aug 2020 11:57:48 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/what-are-you-riding
What?  A non-Ferretti bike on the Ferretti page???  Well, until I book a whole bunch of wind tunnel time to fabricate a TT rig, then yes…. This is my duathlon race bike.  The bones are a 2017 Fuji Norcom Straight that have been dressed with hodgepodge of Sram and Shimano parts!  More importantly, the wheels are an awesome set of 88mm Carbon, tubeless rims that I’ve worked with a manufacture to have produced.  The are laced to incredible #Whiteind T11 hubs and shod with Vittoria Corsa speed TLR tires (23mm front, 25 rear both set up tubeless).  Let me tell you, the wheels make this bike fly (and yes, if you ask nicely I’ll build you a set).
<![CDATA[July 02nd, 2020]]>Thu, 02 Jul 2020 16:52:47 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/july-02nd-2020More words to come later...  For now some images:
<![CDATA[26" Wheels are Dead?]]>Mon, 09 Dec 2019 22:35:24 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/26-wheels-are-deadPicture

Techie cyclist can just be so dramatic. Marketing professionals too.  Not so long ago the industry as well as many opinionated cyclist announced the death of the 26" wheel.  First to the 29'er, then the 27.5, don't forget everyone's favorites the 96'r (yeah you forgot so quickly, you're welcome).  Just today I saw the cover of Mountain Bike Action magazine touting the newest, latest, greatest...  a mix of a 29" and 27.5" wheel.  Sigh....  Relax folks.  I can promise you that though there's a lot different choices out there, none will totally dethrone another.  Which brings me to my point (I know, you just want me to make it...  But the way I see it is you're reading which sorta makes you my captive audience...) 26" wheels ARE STILL RELEVANT.  I can hear the collective groans...

That's right...  You heard it heard it here first.  And no, I'm not smoking anything funny...  Or edibles.  Or any other strange chemicals...  Except caffeine, yeah a bunch of that...  26" wheels are alive and well.  Witness the above photo.  You're looking at three different wheels there.  The furthest wheel is a 27.5 x 2.8, the middle is a 27.5 x 2.35 and the foreground is a 26 x 2.8.  Photo's can really make it difficult to judge the size differences but let me tell you...  the 27.5 x 2.8 is a fair amount bigger than the 26".  I know, who cares????  Well, I do.  Why???  Well I'm currently building a bike for a fairly, well, ummm, short (vertically challenged or whatever the PC term is) woman.  A 27.5 x 2.8 or 3 ends up making a bike that just has too much stand over height.  With the 26" x plus size, I can reclaim almost 3/4" of standover while providing a plus size tire!!!  That's pretty significant! What's more, if the rider is feeling like she wants to go into Jane racer mode, she can slap on a set of 27.5 x 2.2" tires and toe the start line while having the same BB height, handling at a loss of weight!!!  Hmm, sounds like a win to me! 

Just because the industry say's 29'r are fast doesn't mean at 5'2" you should be riding them...  Instead, let's get you on some hoops that allow you to not only stand over your bike but be confident in it as it fits perfectly!  Yeah, Yeah...  The pundits will claim that a 29" wheel rolls over stuff better...  It does!  But if you're so short that standing over a 29'r becomes a genital rearranging experience you may want to look elsewhere!  Anyway....  There's plenty of options out there folks.  Explore them with open minds!

I know I'm asking for trouble here...  But go ahead, drop your thoughts and comments about having a bike with a wheel size that actually fits you down in the comments!!!  Especially looking for comments from folks 5'3 and below as well as 6'2" and above!

<![CDATA[Paul's Gravel Bike]]>Sat, 23 Nov 2019 20:13:28 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/pauls-gravel-bikeI'm going to try something slightly different for this blog...  Lot's of graphic content, few words...  With that said, Enjoy!  As always drop a comment, ask a question, ride your bike!
<![CDATA[Some paint]]>Fri, 08 Nov 2019 23:07:00 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/some-paintI'm not really going to give you many words, Instead a picture...  The start of a truly custom paint job!  It's what we do and just one of the many things that will make one of our bikes uniquely yours!  This fork belongs to a gravel bike.  It's a beautiful light blue with a sky blue inlay.  Trust me, pictures don't do it justice!   What colors do you dream of for your next handmade bike?
<![CDATA[Proof of concept]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2019 19:09:48 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/proof-of-conceptOne of the things that I pride this company with is that our frames are truly "custom" frames.  Made by hand, thoughtfully, one at a time.  Many hours are spent talking with clients about their wants and needs, then sitting down to design a bike that matches our discussions.  Some companies and shops have diluted the term "custom" by calling bikes that customers can pick and choose paint colors and parts custom...  So instead of fighting that term, we're going to just reword what we call ourselves a bit...  We are a "handmade" bicycle maker.  Each one different.  Each one individual.  Each one just for the person who ordered it!  All this said, I've worked on a new graphic that will start delivering on the bikes.  Here's the first iteration...  Let me know what you think!

<![CDATA[Getting stuff done!]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2019 22:17:17 GMThttp://ferretticycles.com/blog/getting-stuff-doneTon's been going on here in the shop...  Lot's of fabrication and paint work.  I thought I'd take a second to show you a quick glance of the latest project!  
You're probably saying "great, what am I looking at"?  Well this my friends is a gravel bike.  Clearance for nice plump tires, which all the cool kids seem to be running while maintaining room for both a 1x or 2x crankset!  Not exactly an easy feat!

In other news...  Been messing around with some paint!  Big bad metal flake stuff!  Check out the video below!